Private events
We carefully adapt our rooms for business meetings, brunch or private dinners, chrisianings, weddings, etc...

For better attention, the number of guests is limited to 150. Please make your reservation 4 weeks in advance.
• On the Finca: discovery of the farm activities, according to the calendar
• Trekking around the plantations or in the woods.
• Bicycle rental.
• Outings in 4WD
• Participation in the regional cooking
• Birdwatching around the Finca

These activities are to be booked at the same time as the accomodation.
Agriculture & Cows Calendar
Conocé las actividades del Calendario Agrícola Ganadero
a través del año.
Contactese con nosotros a través del formulario
de Reservas y le responderemos a la brevedad.