Our guests may choose between a great variety of local foods, or delicious gourmet cuisine. Sweet or sour, we cook vegetables from our organic garden and fruit from the orchard.

Finca Las Margaritas does not only offer you local dishes, but is also happy to share with you the secrets of their preparation, in their environment.
Our menu

• National Pasties, filled with cheese, beaf, charqui (sundried meet)
or corn, acording to the season.
• Tamales (a filled corn preparation wrapped in leafs to cook): meat,
charqui or cow head.
• Humitas (fresh white sweetcorn and cheese), sweet or sour, wrapped
in corn leafs or cooked in the pot.
• Asado (argentinian bbq).
• Sweetcorn gratin
• Stew
• Carbonada

• Estofados
• Locro (creamy soup, maïz and beans based, with vegetables
and three meats -goat, pork and beaf).
• Guaschalocro (maiz soup).
• Salpicon
• Boiled vegetables, vegetarian omelettes and tarts (all vegetables
from our organic garden)
• Cooked beaf, chicken, pork, rabbit and fish.
• Vegetarian food
• Regional deserts
• Country style snacks